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Commercial Carpet Flooring

Commercial spaces have unique needs that can only be met by certain types of flooring. These spaces have to look professional, help keep people focused, and help increase health and safety. It has to do this without costing too much. These are all advantages of commercial carpet. It’s worth understanding how commercial broadloom carpet meets and exceeds each of these standards. Some of these advantages are immediately clear, while others only become obvious by using a few examples:

  • Carpet that’s properly rated for heavy foot traffic will maintain its appearance without problems for a long time
  • Carpet absorbs sound, meaning that you won’t hear the sound of most footsteps
  • The cost is much less than other alternatives, and installation is easier on the budget.
  • Stain and melt-resistant, and carpet is easily treated to increase these characteristics
  • Absorbs many pollutants, which are easily lifted out again through cleaning

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